Our Goal

The objective of David J Anthony is to supply a continuum of treatment to grownups dealing with a mental disorder (seriously handicapped) and co-occurring conditions to avoid additional hospitalization, produce chances for neighborhood reintegration, and extend an on-going safeguard to make sure long-termremission while preserving the greatest treatment and expert requirements.

Our little group of creators, making up interested lay persons, previous psychiatric patients, therapists, psychiatrists, and therapists were worried:that the high expense and restricted accessibility of high-quality psychological health services made it difficult for lots of individuals with signs of mental disorder to get the aid they so severely required

- that many individuals were being needlessly hospitalized and wrongly treated with psychiatric drugs. that the high recidivism rates and the testament of clients and specialists alike strongly warranted continued development in idea and shipment of treatment services

- that even little, well-staffed psychiatric hospitals might not offer a non-authoritarian and non-hierarchical company efficient in the versatility of reaction that permitted enough energy and time for the problems of a customer to be acknowledged and overcome throughout healing from the height of the crisis

The main objective of David J Anthony is to help people living with a psychological health problem to reintegrate back into the neighborhood with the independent living abilities needed to when again end up being feasible contributing people.