Something for Nothing

“Martin owns a small airplane dealership that, before the economic slump, was booming. . . But now he’s in serious debt—until Val Desmond, Martin’s horse trainer, comes to him with a proposition. Val knows men who are eager to transport large quantities of heroin into the U.S. from Mexico.  Enter Martin and his piloting expertise.

The parallels Anthony draws between the 1974 economic crisis and our own are successful precisely because they’re not overt, just like his depiction of Martin as an antihero succeeds because his ridiculous antics are laced with a yearning to belong that’s so intense it borders on deranged innocence, rendering him the most lovable drug smuggler in ages.”

Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Anthony’s first novel . . . speeds to an adrenaline-charged climax in a conflict fueled by greed.  Provocative, genre spanning fiction by an author to watch.”


“Funny, sly, gritty, and hugely entertaining, Something for Nothing is quite an accomplishment….”

Martin Clark, author of The Many Aspects of
Mobile Home Living and The Legal Limit